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07-15-20 The Inner Teacher

This world was set up for you not to find yourself. Don’t search for likes on your posts on Facebook, don’t look outside yourself to the things of time and space and say, where is the love, because as long as you look in the darkened glass that talked about in Corinthians in the Bible, as long as you look in time and space for love for meaning for understanding purpose. It’s not there. The ego made the world as a veil. Why would you look for divine love which is who you are in a distracting device? Why would you look inside of veil to find the truth? The truth cannot be found in form. And Jesus tells us that in the beyond all idol sections in The Course, he says: Truth is universal your will is universal and cannot be found in form of any kind, you cannot be content with form of any kind. It’s like the ego said, come here look in my darkened glass, come here, my pretty you believe you’ve separated from God oh too bad, too bad, now God will punish you. So you might as well come over and look into my crystal ball. Look into my crystal ball over here, look deep inside my crystal ball because you’ve lost your happiness and joy and love.  I have invented a world of time and space where you can find intimacy and happiness and joy and peace and love. You can find friendship companionship, you can find success you can have status, you can have money, Outlook you can possess things in my crystal ball, you can never have possessions with God. You can possess things. And, and it’s got some tricks in here, it’s a competition but work hard over here and my crystal ball because you can make it to the end of the rainbow and that’s somewhere off in this future because the ego invented the future, and the ego invented the past and ego says just keep playing the game over here in this crystal ball and keep your mind focused on that. And then you go into the crystal ball with your mind and you try to enter this game of time and space, and you try to find happiness there. But what did I say yesterday, I said, a son of God is only happy in the environment in which he was created. When I’m talking Son of God, I’m talking to Christ, the pure Christ idea of unconditional love, that’s a pure creation of God, and the Christ can only be happy in God’s love in heaven in the mind of God.

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