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10-14-14  Topic: The Importance of Writing Poems

When we created this show, it was actually Dr. Bernie’s Birthday, so Lionel and Deborah were honored to spend sacred time on his special day. Dr. Bernie shares poems he wrote at different times in his life… one can feel the deep love he holds for his wife, all the while enjoying his humor. Thoughts on seeing the joy in everyday life are shared; some of the poems include Doctors in the Elevator, We Are Water & Spirit and Bittersweet.

A Sample:


if you don’t go i’ll have a heavy heart
if you do go i’ll have a hernia
my wife and I often travel together
we are a team sharing fair and foul weather
at times our travel takes us into the air
I carry all the luggage in order her back to spare
i’ve heard love makes one’s burden lighter
but Bobbie’s bags would burst if packed any tighter
so I brave the chance of a hernia
since she makes my day much brighter
i’ve learned from traveling alone
that the load is really no lighter
for a lonely heart weighs much more than a bag
which can’t be packed any tighter

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