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07-20-20 The Immune System and Vitamins: Vitamin C–Carolyn Dean MD ND

Vitamin C is a wonderful nutrient for the entire family. Mom’s love it for adrenal health, dad’s love it for cardiovascular support, kids love it for the healthy development of red blood cells, bones, and tissues, and those elder parents and in-laws love it for daily immune support, and healthy skin.

On 07/20/20’s radio show, Dr. Carolyn Dean talks about the relationship between the body’s immune system and vitamin C.

Vitamin C and Immune System

Recently, Vitamin C has been on the frontline of virus-preventing strategies for all of your loved ones. By now, you’re probably already aware that Vitamin C keeps your immune system strong and prevents colds, but its powers don’t stop there.

Getting Vitamin C From Food

Unless you live in a remote community, untouched by the problems of modern farming, it’s highly unlikely your local food supply will provide you with enough vitamin C. Even if you were to focus on eating foods with a high concentration of vitamin C, you would only end up denying yourself other nutrients or suffering indigestion (from overeating). And, if you try to get all your vitamin C from fruit, you may end up getting too much fructose-sugar in your diet.

Benefits of Vitamin C

  • helps repair tissues, including skin, blood vessels, bones and teeth
  • fights against heart disease and cancer with its high levels of antioxidants
  • can accelerate wound healing and helps eliminate bruising – which is low grade scurvy
  • improves vascular elasticity reducing blood pressure
  • reduces the stickiness of blood platelets, making them less prone to forming clots
  • can lower oxidized cholesterol levels: when Vitamin C levels are low, cholesterol becomes elevated; and when more vitamin C is consumed, cholesterol levels decline
  • increases type I collagen synthesis – collagen is the vital protein scaffolding of our body
  • helps reduce levels of lead, mercury and other heavy metals
  • reduces histamine in the body — the hormone that triggers allergies and asthma attacks

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