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03-27-19 The Ego Is out of Business

The ego has no power over your mind unless you give it that power. You can dispel the ego by withdrawing your attention from it. This is very important for us to take in and look at what we are thinking and believing. Everything that you truly want to know is immediately available through aligning with the Spirit. We don’t need special skills, special formulas to receive the gifts of truth. It does have to be the desire and the prayer of your heart to know yourself. We must be determined to see ourselves differently so we can feel the deep calling of our heart’s desire. We must want the love, peace and joy from our source above all else. We need to want to get in touch with our higher power so we can distinguish what is valuable and valueless. We need to look more carefully at what we are seeking other than the peace of God so we can return to right-mindedness.

This week David is joined by Svava who kick-starts the second day of the Under Christ Control online retreat with a music meditation. The song is called “Thank You“ from her new album Divine Essence.

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