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Do you often lose control over food? Are you tired of obsessing over every bite? It has nothing to do with willpower or being addicted to food. The Binge Cure will teach you exactly how to create permanent, sustainable weight loss–no dieting necessary!

Dr. Nina shares the successful tools she uses in her successful online program to help thousands of people heal their relationship with food. Learn how to crack the code of emotional eating, identify your binge triggers, express your feelings, and make lasting changes with powerful strategies that will help you stop bingeing, lose weight, and gain health. Discover which emotions you are feeling based on the types of foods you are bingeing with The Food-Mood Formula.

If you mindlessly overeat to manage deeper, intolerable feelings, then you need to investigate what’s leading you toward food, rather than fixating on what you’re eating. There’s only one way to get rid of the uncomfortable feelings you are trying to avoid: to feel them. Filled with illuminating case examples and concrete exercises, The Binge Cure will help you break through your emotional hunger to satisfy your real cravings and learn how to truly comfort yourself–without food.

It’s time to ditch your inner critic, lose the fat talk, and be a real friend to yourself. Instead of focusing on what you weigh, focus on what’s weighing on you. If something is bothering you, you can’t starve it away or stuff it down–and you cannot measure your true value on a bathroom scale. When you feel, you will heal. Get ready to break the diet habit and make peace with food–and yourself.

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