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Look for the Good Carrie Rowan07-04-22 Tell A New Story and Nancy OKeefe, a Certified Human Design Specialist, Intuitive Coach

This exciting debut episode of Look for the Good will give listeners a quick snapshot of Carrie’s powerful work on Mindset and Stories and how they intertwine. She will share powerful nuggets of wisdom from her Best Selling Book Tell A New Story so you can gain insight into how your stories affect your mindset as well as how your mindset can affect the stories you tell.

Carrie’s special guest this week is Nancy OKeefe, a Certified Human Design Specialist, intuitive coach and compassionate transformer. This lively discussion unveils how discovering your personal Human Design type reveals your specific Energetic DNA to remind us who we are wired to be. We discuss how understanding your unique energetic type can help improve all aspects of your life including relationships, parenting, and business.  Tune into this lively discussion to learn how to get your own free energetic reading with Nancy and get some tools to help manage your mindset before it manages you.

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