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Tasha Halpert, author of Heartwings Love Notes for a Joyous life.  Heartwings is a spirit of love within Tasha that touches all of us.  Heartwings has inspired these Love Notes insightful, and often comforting writings for our daily lives.  Heartwings Love Notes represents ways in which Tasha has found to live a more joyous life.  Her stories and poems are intended to help readers come to terms with their life experiences and difficulties, inspire them to greater joy.  The writings are drawn from the author’s real life.  With this Tasha shares what she has learned that readers may discover more joy and happiness in their daily lives.  A frequent contributor to numerous publications, she has written and lectured widely on ways to inner peace, self-healing, nutrition, herbal wisdom, meditation and spirituality.

Show 05-07-08

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