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11-17-21 The Tabula Rasa State of Mind -purifying our desire to hear only one voice with David Hoffmeister and Frances Xu

David: “The Tabula Rasa way of life is our way of life now, that’s how we are living our life. And so, if we do look rather clueless and innocent, then that’s a good sign 😊.”

Frances: “Yeah, we are here to LISTEN to the Spirit. together and give ourselves over to the Spirit, which is love. This is the way we want to spend every moment. Truly, I feel this awakening journey is a journey to come back to a very humble and very honest place; to say that I do not know anything. I do not know what the world is for. I do not know my own best interest. I do not know how to get me back to the awareness of God, so truly here we’re just purifying and purifying our desire to hear only one voice, the desire to not have to know anything, and be shown.”

Enjoy this except from David and France’s opening session from the Tabula Rasa November Online Retreat.
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