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01-29-18 Seek Reality – Suzanne Giesemann Talks About Spirit Channeling

Suzanne Giesemann is one of the world’s foremost spiritual mediums. Her history is astonishing, and her powers continue to grow to the point where, more and more, her particular gift is spiritual channeling. She explains to us in simple terms how it all works and how she is working now to help humanity. Suzanne Giesemann is a former Navy Commander and Commanding Officer who served as aide to the Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff on 9/11. In her career she flew on Air Force One with the President and visited with kings and queens, but nothing prepared her for the newest leg of her journey as a psychic-medium. Suzanne is also a metaphysical teacher and the author of six books. A dynamic and empowering speaker, she gives workshops around the country as well as private readings nationally and internationally.

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