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08-06-21 Does Your Home or Office Need an Energy Transformation? with Susanna Delman

Thinking of Selling or Buying a Home?  “Energy Architect” Susanna Delman Can Clear the Path for You!

Susanna of Essential Clearing has more than twenty-five years as a flower essence counselor, working with both animals and people and holds a Masters Degree in Public Health. As an Energy Architect, Susanna employs several different modalities, including developed intuitive skills, Reiki and use of vibrational essences to transform energy in places, businesses and people’s lives.

Her training in space clearing and energy architecture with Alaskan Essences led to developing her own unique way of working within the quantum field and the realm of possibilities. Susanna facilitates subtle but profound shifts for her clients with her work. Her work helps transform the past, present and future of a place as it influences all the residents who have been present there.

To learn more about Susanna, you can visit her website: And for information to help animals with emotional issues (because your cat won’t do talk therapy):

Learn more about Joyce here:

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