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Dom Brightmon Stay the CourseThis book is about having the mindset to overcome any obstacle and garner more wins in your life. Filled with quotes, stories and actionable advice this book will help you to learn:

  • The major key of elite performance that enables the other 7.
  • The habits of successful people that create a dynamic life.
  • How to increase your effectiveness in your workplace.
  • How to have an excellent day, every day.
  • Why crisis creates the champion that you are meant to be.

“In Dom’s new book, he shares his experiences & the actions he’s found crucial to creating success & an extraordinary life. Throughout the pages, Dom shares his knowledge, stories, & most importantly his heart, to inspire each of us to keep on going & grow into the life we deserve.” – Wendy Elover, Serial Entrepreneur & Author of “My Cape is At the Cleaners”

“Dom Brightmon has taken thousands of pages of wisdom covering centuries of humanities greatest achievements and is putting his own interpretation on the work and delivering it to you, in the book you are holding in your hands. Be ready to learn, be ready to grow.” – Mike Shelah, LinkedIn Consultant & Keynote Speaker

“In Stay the Course: The Elite Performers 7 Secret Keys to Sustainable Success, Dominique Brightmon provides next-level insights. This is a practical field guide to get you to greatness. Dominique lives his message and practices what he preaches. These tips and strategies are relevant and immediately applicable. Buy this book today and stay the course to your Mountaintop.” – Jeff Davis, author of “Reach Your Mountaintop” and authentic leadership expert,

“I highly encourage all winners or future winners to read this book. Dom lays out the best advice on how to achieve your dreams in the most organized and complete fashion. Highly recommend reading this book, as many will be able to relate and learn from it.” – Christy Callahan-Cromwell, Personal Trainer, Volleyball Coach & Author of “Top Keys for Weight Loss”

“Stay the Course is a must-read for everyone looking to get to their next level. It is motivational and inspirational. Dom provides quotes and stories that are encouraging and relatable to readers. If you are looking to achieve and maintain your success then Stay the Course is the book for you.” – Christina Alva, Serial Entrepreneur & Author of “Beyond the Job Description”

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