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Spirituality: Modern Disciples of Jesus ChristRegardless of anyone’s religious affiliation, this book offers for you to dig deeper, covering biggie universal spiritual subjects about happiness, inner peace, love, joy and, forgiveness. It’s for all who seek Truth and are open to receive the Word of God, no matter who that “God” is. Suffering through child abuse, which later turned into a battle with PTSD (Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder) led the author to a spiritual path and a precious relationship with God until this day.

The author uplifts readers and shows them ways to live a happier life.

Bettina “Sparkles” shares how she healed her Post Traumatic Stress Disorder with traditional and spiritual practices and exercises.

What worked for her she passionately shares in her two books “Set Your PTSD Free” and “Spirituality: Modern Disciples of Jesus Christ.”

After a thirty-eight year career as a flight attendant she now lives with her husband Michael.

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