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10-18-23 Spiritual Commentary to the movie “Violet” with David Hoffmeister

In this talk, David discusses the importance of mind training in understanding the inner and outer world. He argues that people often focus on projections and misperceptions, believing that the external world is separate from their mind. Jesus teaches that our thoughts are images created by our ego, which misperceives everything. Mind training aims to show that the inner and outer world are the same and that there is nothing outside of us. David also talks about the concept of unified awareness, which is the belief that all consciousness is mind. He emphasizes the need for prayer, faith, and trust in practicing the teachings of Jesus and the importance of a spiritual community, which emphasizes the importance of prayer, authenticity, and heart-to-heart conversations.

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Recorded in the Evening of October 4, 2023, at Living Miracles Monastery in Utah, USA.

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