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06-03-20 Song of Prayer
“The song aspect of prayer is quite a beautiful way to bring those words together song of prayer. Songs involve sometimes lyrics but songs also involve beautiful melodies and it’s beautiful to think of prayer, and a melody as being the same like a happy melody that just reverberates through you and is your very core is your very essence. The bottom of the ladder of prayer is where there’s an asking and we’re dealing with in the realm of specifics. And then, in heaven, it is just the greatest thing that we were blessed within our creation is just a song of gratitude just this happy song of gratitude and. And we were opening yesterday to this beautiful idea that who we are is a song. Because I think a lot of us have a strong relation like Eric was just sharing with music, and the connection and the happiness and lightness we feel with music, and to just consider the idea that who we are is is a song is very nice, because it’s very light and very very happy and very joyful. So we will join together in going into the experience of ourself as that song that song of gratitude that we truly are.” David Hoffmeister

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