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02-27-15   Social Neurobiology, Positive Psychology & Mirror Neurons~ A Conversation with Bobbie Burdett

Bobbie Burdett is a life coach, a trainer of life coaches, director of training for Health World online. The focus of her coaching is authenticity.

Among the fascinating things we will explore will be the field of Social Neurobiology. The work of Dan Seigel in this field has verified what many of us have believed all along, that It’s impossible to truly address the health and well-being of an individual simply by treating the mind and the body – that interpersonal relationships are of crucial importance. After all, the human infant – at birth the human brain is only 25% formed, the other 75% forms as a result of pathways laid down by social interactions – with family, school, community, etc.

We’ll learn about the central importance of the sensing dimension which has been suppressed in so many of us, look at the mind as a process that regulates the flow of energy within the brain and body as if functioning as an internal GPS guiding us down a neural super-highway. We’ll also talk a little bit about Positive Psychology, and the role of the newly discovered “mirror neurons” that give rise to empathy – and how healing this dimension is maybe the deciding factor in personal and community health and wellness.

Bobbie is very upbeat and fun to listen to. Be ready for a stimulating and uplifting experience.

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