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Shylay Ray Sunshine11-18-20 Global Healing Episode 2 with Shylay Ray Sunshine

Diane interviews Shylay Ray Sunshine on this Global Healing Episode.  Shylah is a uniquely gifted musician that creates spiritual music to inspire others and transform the world.  Shylah’s music helped Diane surrender during her time of grief and she was inspired to interview her as part of this series.  Shylah speaks of the inspiration her challenges, trauma and life experiences give her in creating music.  They discuss the power of her music and the messages people receive from them.  Diane shares her experience with two of Shylah’s songs, “Sacredness” and “Existence.” They talk about toxic familial relationships, abuse, childbirth, trauma and much more.  Shylah shares her powerful birthing story, musical inspiration and mission to help other women as a dula.  Diane expresses her insights about making healing a multi-sensory experience to release trauma and pain from the body.  Shylah closes the episode with a special acapella of “Into the Wild.” They both bring insights and inspiration to the world to help us find the beauty within and release the emotions that no longer serve us.

BIO: Shylah Ray Sunshine is an award-nominated and influential Singer/songwriter, musician, mother and vocal coach. Originally native Algonquin from Canada, her music has been shared all over the world. A natural born entertainer and high energy performer, the Neo-Soul and R&B singer is based in Los Angeles and is partnered under the record label 101bpm, from the UK.

Self-taught vocally, on piano & percussion, Shylah inspires and moves audiences everywhere through the delivery of her powerful voice and moving lyrics. Her music is featured in a multitude of films, commercials, and radio networks. With an upcoming EP, music videos and new album underway, she continues to bring a spirit of positivity, power and fierce love to the stage and the studio. Her album “Into the Wild” is available online and those who feel the calling can register for her Soul Voice Singing at

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