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09-21-17 Sheryl Glick host of Healing From Within interviews Shari Sharifi Brown author of The Seven Commandments for Happiness and Prosperity who speaks about her personal journey through living within 3 religions to discover the seven key principles that can be applied to all inclusively. A basic plan for reflecting humanity and goodness that can resonate and bring clarity to often conflicting and confusing ideologies along with a new awareness of what leads religious followers to deviate from the simple and pure grace of the Divine. Shari Sharifi Brown, a structural engineer who worked on a project between the Shah of Iran and Hughes Aircraft in 1976, received a post graduate degree from Harvard in Tehran, was born a Shite Muslim in Isfahan Iran, converted to Christianity and married into a Jewish-American family. Shari is the complete composite of a person who has walked the walk and talks from many experiences with the Three Abrahamic religions and ways of life. We will discuss the compatibility of these religions and learn the key elements of all three major religions to make us whole and secure and to see that the similarities outweigh the differences.

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