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12-27-18 Sheryl Glick host of Healing From Within interviews Jim Self author of A Course in Mastering Alchemy

A Course in Mastering Alchemy includes a complete set of personal energy tools and ideas to help you change your attitude to life and so transform it and experience physical and energetic life as it creates a new pathway for humans to walk beyond Third Dimensional thinking and move to higher dimensions of consciousness and higher vibrational living. The book begins with the discussion of “The Teachers of Light” and Arch Angel Metatron. Also known as the Elders, the Teachers of Light are a group of Archangels and Ascended Masters working together for the spiritual evolution of all of humanity and Mother Earth. The Collective includes Archangel Metatron, Michael, Uriel and Zadkel, Lord Melchizedek Ascended Masters Yeshua, Mother Mary, Mary Magdalene and others. They have shared and channeled the information and ideals with Jim and supportive powerful tools, energetic and initiations in present time to help us make the Shift. Their desire is to create a new pathway into a full state of consciousness and the Living Light Body.

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