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Annie Mattingley02-20-19 Sheryl Glick host of Healing From Within interviews Annie Mattingley

Annie’s book The After Death Chronicles she shares her communication with her daughter Randi and many other stories by contributors to the book who have been blessed to experience what is hard to put into words, a visit from a departed relative. Yet for those who have been touched by the spirit of a loved one the feeling and closeness and truth will never be lost as life is never lost only transmuted into another essence of life. Annie, shares an early recollection when she was twelve years old and visiting a friend’s house. She saw a picture on the wall of what appeared to be an interpretation of God and hell with fire and brimstone as described by ancient writers such as Dante who depicted God as a fearsome force of perhaps anger and vengeance. Annie knew in that moment that was not the God she knew and loved. Her God was kind gentle and forgiving of any indiscretion or human frailty—Just a God of Love.

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