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cynthiasue_michaelpeterlangevin11-02-16   Shamanic Secrets with Michael Peter Langevin

Michael Peter Langevin talks with Cynthia Sue Larson about his travels to meet and study with Peruvian and Bolivian shamans, experiencing such things as shapeshifting, healing, and teleportation in parts of the world where magic is real and an everyday way of life. Michael talks about the new release of his book “The Secrets of the Amazon Shamans” and how we can overcome fear and step out of perceived limitations in the material world to connect with deeper meaning, spirituality, and energy. Michael describes how he came to find real shamans, and witness some of their secrets and magic.

Michael Peter Langevin is Co-Publisher & Editor of The Echo World Magazine, and was the publisher/editor for 27 years of Magical Blend Magazine. Michael has has lived and traveled extensively in Latin America, and has authored three books: Secrets of the Ancient Incas, Secrets of the Amazon Shamans, and Spiritual Business. Michael leads workshops in reclaiming Rituals and Ceremonies to enhance your life. He has a BA in Political Science and a Master’s Degree in Social Work and Family Therapy, and his company LangevinAxelsson Marketing specializes in Social Media Marketing and Public Relations.

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