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Retreat to Peace08-11-21 PART 1- I Called YOU by NAME (Testimonial of Sexual Abuse, Healing and Hope)

Today join us as Catherine interviews Jackie who shares her personal testimony of being sexually abused. As this is an interview that deals with sensitive trauma, keep in mind that it is also about healing.  This intimate conversation is to honor Jackie’s personal story and journey as well as bring hope and healing to those who have been through this kind of trauma as both Catherine and Jackie have.  Each have their own journey yet, the ties that bind them are not the trauma but the healing and how they moved forward in life.

This part 1 interview is to share the story with part 2 being aired next week will talk to the being revictimized in different situations and how to handle that, how to help yourself heal and the gift of forgiveness. Don’t miss this special interview.

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