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setyourptsd-coverLearn from hands-on-experience as the author of PTSD shares the secrets to healing her PTSD – Post Traumatic Stress Disorder.

Her first 50 yrs she lived not knowing she had PTSD and that it was the cause of her inner unhappiness. When Bettina Sparkles was diagnosed she dove into healing activities and learned a better way to live. Set Your PTSD FREE is an EZ read giving you PTSD information in non-clinical language about PTSD causes, symptoms and universal healing tools. Most people relate the mental state to war flashbacks. You’ll be surprised that there many other causes resulting in similar feelings of chronic hopelessness and helplessness. That’s no way to live. You, too, have the power to change your life from pain to peace. I invite Reader to start with this book and answer any questions or comments. God Bless us all.

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