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10-20-21 Rest in Silence & Let Your Self Be Guided by God – Spiritual Movie Commentary by David Hoffmeister, ACIM

“At one point, Jesus uses a metaphor in the Course, where he says, you have these fallen leaves from the trees landing on a stream, and the leaves float down along the river stream, and Jesus says; Come with me, sink beneath the leaves, sink down underneath the leaves with me into the Kingdom of Heaven.”

It’s a beautiful metaphor for going into stillness, and that’s really our purpose.  We’re going into a cloistered community, meaning we’re going into a deep mystical experience together that some have called mysticism. We will still be broadcasting and sharing from this beautiful state of mind, but the actual state is beyond words. It’s beyond describing, and mother Mary will actually explain this to Simon Peter in the movie “Full of Grace” tonight.”

Enjoy David’s mystical mindset and commentary.

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