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Retreat to Peace07-12-23 Saddle Up for Healing: Embracing Equine Gestalt and the Power of Relationships in Overcoming Loss and Adversity

Have you ever felt a profound connection with a seemingly unlikely source of comfort and healing? Join us as we welcome Susan Bloom, who shares her heartwarming journey of love, loss, and finding solace in her relationship with horses. As a practitioner of Equine Gestalt, Susan reveals the incredible intuitive abilities of these majestic creatures and how they can help balance our energy, chakras, and even encourage us to live in the present moment.

We also dive into Susan’s role as a caregiver and the importance of self-care during trying times. Hear about her husband’s battle with cancer, the need for advocacy in healthcare, and Susan’s commitment to starting a caregiver’s circle and working with a non-profit for breast cancer patients. Throughout Susan’s story, the power of relationships, both human and equine, shines through.

Finally, we explore the challenges and triumphs of Susan’s decision to sell her family’s farmland and move to eastern Kansas, and the impact this had on her son. In a conversation with Catherine Daniels, we discuss the importance of living in the moment and finding peace amidst life’s storms. So, saddle up and join us for an inspiring journey of healing, love, and the undeniable bond between humans and horses.

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