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Rocky's Trip To The HospitalRocky’s Trip To The Hospital, author Sue London

Rocky’s Trip To The Hospital, a special little Shih-Tzu dog Rocky proves that animals are a person’s best friend. Rocky provides comfort, joy, and therapeutic healing powers to a little girl named Marie, who has to go to the hospital. The story follows Marie’s journey back to health. It demonstrates the value of pets and the human spirit’s ability to overcome obstacles.




Positive Thoughts Coloring BookRocky’s Positive Thoughts Colouring Book EBook, Sue London

In Rocky’s Positive Thoughts Colouring Book Rocky provides messages to inspire children of all ages to keep positive and to never give up hope, even if they are sad or frightened. The encouraging affirmations contained in this book are relayed in easy to understand words to make the messages for children simple to remember and put into action when interacting with the people in their lives.

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Testimonial from Dr. Bernie Siegel

Studies reveal that your beliefs and feelings affect your body chemistry and health. So I started recommending a role model for all my patients to imitate in order to be a survivor. Surviving is not about living forever, as Rocky teaches us, but it is about living life fully in the moment. I wear a bracelet with the message on it I recommend to my patients, WWLD. What does it mean? It means when you get into a difficult situation ask yourself; What Would Lassie Do? Now, because of Sue London’s book, I have a new role model and would suggest you all deal with the difficulties that will confront you and your family by asking; WWRD. Yes, What Would Rocky Do? So follow Rocky’s example and be there for them. Lick, listen, touch and love. You don’t have to feel guilty when you can’t cure them because like Rocky you are helping them to heal and when their lives and hearts are healed, who knows what the body will be capable of curing. Remember we are all basically of the same breed. I know from my experience as a surgeon when I see we are all the same color inside. So relax and rehearse until you can behave and act like Rocky.”
– Peace, Bernie Siegel, MD

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