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Rick Rood - Choose Love Movement10-19-23 Rick Rood, Choose Love New Mexico Ambassador

Scarlett Lewis’ guest is Rick Rood, Choose Love New Mexico Ambassador and Choose Love Professional Development instructor, also 5th grade educator, who has been a professional coach/educator for over 30 years. He is proficient in math/music/tech and education so Rick uses all aspects of his brain to help kids, and big kids expand and excel to be the best versions of themselves! During the podcast he gives his take on education today and how to face some of the issues. He talks about intention, the issue of blame and using triggers as a reminder for positive action. Rather than ‘behavioral management’ he uses the philosophy of ‘guidance’ to place the emphasis on love, rather than fear. When we try to control someone else we will be met with resistance but if we act as role models and guides it is much more effective. Choose Love is offering a brand new individualized transformational coaching class with Rick Rood. Sign up today for our inaugural journey into becoming the best versions of ourselves in the classroom and out! Visit our website for more information:

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