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Alberta_Disciple_A MANUAL TO UNLOCK YOUR SPIRITUAL POTENTIAL – Did you ever wish your baby came with a manual? How about a manual for a loving enduring marriage? We need manuals for life! Wouldn’t it be great to have a step-by-step roadmap – a job description for our spiritual life – just as your job description at work shows you what is expected of you if you are to succeed? Resume of a Disciple offers an easy primer on how to apply common job performance tools like resumes, job descriptions and on-the-job training to your own spiritual path. In Resume of a Disciple, you will… Learn how stepping up spiritually is as easy as following a job description that you can work from every day. Gain an essential understanding of yourself. Become more aware of who you are and truly know how important you are to God’s plan. Grow by maximizing Spirit in your life and transform the world, one soul at a time – beginning with you.

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