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11-03-20 Radical Transformational Leadership: What does this imply? Guest Speakers: Ama Delevett and Srilatha Juvva

Well-being world-wide with agency and dignity, without sexual abuse

We invite you to a discussion with Ama Delevett and Srilatha Juvva.

Ama Delevett is a therapist who supports herself and others to deepen their compassion, joy and love for life. Ama has been working with survivors of child sexual abuse for the past 15 years. Srilatha Juvva is a trained psychiatric social worker and currently works as Professor in the School of Social Work at the Tata Institute of Social Sciences in Mumbai, India. She works in the fields of mental health, disability and therapeutic interventions.

Srilatha and Ama invite you to create safe spaces for yourself and others to heal from the trauma and become pro-activists to create the paradigm shift for well-being world-wide. And to create safe spaces for children and youth to authentically share and be supported to live their full potential. Most communities and family do not wish to talk about child abuse — the idea that “other cultures, socioeconomic sphere” etc sexually abuse children. Not true. It happens in all cultures and socio-economic spheres. ACE study was helpful in identifying that.

Ama focuses on child abuse and suggests that we stop being ‘a bystander’. Release shame and do something to help us end child sexual abuse – take Darkness to Light Stewards of Children online training most people want to turn away from this issue. How do we create inviting spaces for people to connect with what they deeply care about and generate change from there? Srilatha shares: the universal values I anchor myself in, underpins everything that I do- in my teaching – where students and I are one. How do we unfold our full potential based on universal values, so that it becomes the foundational unifying factor — the foundation that helps us to solve problems, while interrupting social and cultural norms that are divisive? And establish well-being?

Ama Delevett and Srilatha Juvva

Guest: Ama Delevett was born and raised at Esalen Institute, where unfolding human potential and creating equitable social conditions for everyone to thrive was at the center. She became a therapist to support herself and others to deepen their compassion, joy and love for life and has been working with survivors of child sexual abuse for the past 15 years. She has been a practitioner coach for Radical Transformational Leadership (RTL) for the past 5 years where her purpose to create more wellbeing in the world and contribution of working with volunteers, clients and colleagues, has been based on the Conscious Full Spectrum Response Model.

Ama works on creating wellbeing for all by helping end child sexual abuse and offering a safe place for those who experienced childhood trauma to heal. She is working on creating the systems shift from people not knowing what to do to people knowing how to prevent the abuse, intervene responsibly and heal trauma by creating wellbeing their bodies, minds, hearts, families and communities. Ama organizes transformational events for example the Walk to Stop the Silence and the Art of Healing where the main focus was on the issue of child sexual abuse. These transformational events are held with families, business owners, city government, artists, musicians and community members because everyone has a stake in creating a world free of abuse. She partners with city government, musicians, artists, schools, parents and business owners for their Caring for Kids and Imagine Healing: The Arts of Transformation events because everyone has a stake in creating a world free of sexual abuse.

Ama and her partners are working on the paradigm shift from sexual abuse as a norm to sexual abuse no longer happens in our world.

Guest: Srilatha Juvva is a social work educator with a Ph.D. in Psychiatric Social Work. She is currently Professor with the Centre for Disability Studies and Action, School of Social Work, Tata Institute of Social Sciences, Mumbai, India. She has over 24 years of teaching and clinical practice experience. She cares deeply about manifesting full potential and fairness in self and others. Her areas of expertise include mental health, disability, disaster mental health, and therapeutic interventions. She uses the transformative design templates in theoretical classes as well as field work and practice with students and NGOs. She serves on the Board of several NGOs and Academic Board of Studies in 5 universities. Professor Srilatha Juvva has directed many research projects and has published in peer reviewed national and international journals and in books. She was a Fulbright Senior Research Fellow. She is an enthusiastic volunteer in disaster situations, with expertise in rendering services and building capacity in psychosocial care. She is a member of professional associations in the field of Social Work. Srilatha Juvva is a practitioner-coach and uses the transformative templates and tools in her everyday practice, both in her personal and professional life in order to foster radical transformational leaders and students.

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