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Rev KellyJo Psychic08-16-22 Psychic Detective Work & Paranormal Investigation

What do mediums, clairvoyants, and psychics like Rev. Kelly Jo Monaghan do to help the world? They can solve mysteries, even murders, and bring closure to grieving families. But…HOW do they do IT? Tune in and find out as Rev. Kelly Jo Monaghan shares secrets and gives us details.

Guest: Rev. Kelly Jo Monaghan- is a gifted clairvoyant, medium, pet psychic, and medical intuitive in Florida. As young as her early teens, Kelly Jo had embarked on her psychic journey. She worked with another psychic on a long-distance murder case in Mass. and on an extremely sensitive and high-profile murder case in Florida – one in Pompano Beach. A man disappeared from a local bar – his family called on Kelly Jo’s assistance – after they learned he was murdered. Kelly Jo found the right bar – gave specific details| description of murder, clothing, people, smells, type of car, cowboy boots. The body was found as described one year later by the local authorities. Kelly Jo was also called in the 80s to work on two Archeological sites in Arizona for the findings of mummified Indian families/people in caves and iron artifacts on private lands. She helped to find them – by locating the burials and remains. Further, Kelly Jo has been instrumental in assisting numerous law enforcement agencies around the country in solving murder and missing person cases.

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