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05-05-21 Pay it Forward

Oh my goodness we have such a healing movie. Today, I can just feel as the talk goes on your heart is just going to crack, wide open. And we know how wonderful that feels when your heart is open, and you feel the love just pouring through you and radiating to the whole world. The movie is called “Pay it Forward.” This movie is so profound and helpful for all of us because everyone who has come to time and space has come to, we can say, a dark planet. It is a place where death and disease and sickness, and war, seem to exist. And these things actually are the farthest thing from the truth, but to believe you exist on a planet with such things, is the height of this insanity. You can forget about dysfunctional families. This is this a dysfunctional planet. We, at times, tried to cover over or deny the darkness and tried to pursue distractions and things that will keep our mind off this darkness. Mary Baker Eddy used an interesting word for this world. She called it mesmerism it’s like hypnotism, it’s like, dark hypnotism.

We’re here today to have the Spirit lead us through a clinic on escaping darkness, lead us on an experiential journey of opening our heart up and learning to give the love away that we have, we have so much love in our heart, but as long as we hide it, as long as we cover it as long as we feel uncomfortable with the love or even distract away from the love, then we can’t know the only thing that can ever be known, which is the love of God.

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