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10-03-23 The Paranormal, Intuition, Precognition & Dreams

Guest: Dr. Marcia Emery

Dr. Marcia Emery discusses nighttime dream that may come true in your waking life. Precognitive dreams can offer valuable gifts if you understand and act on them appropriately. Premonitions of this kind can warn the dreamer of an accident or health challenge, or highlight opportunities for personal advancement, promotions, investments, or LOVE.

During the show, Dr. Marcia shares her life as a straight academic psychologist who happened to open the door to a surprising universe where dreams came true. You too, can – and do! –   receive information about possible futures from the intuitive world within. Learn how to welcome these news bulletins of upcoming events by incubating precognitive dreams. Discover the signs allowing you to recognize dreams that truly glimpse a future reality. In this interview, Dr. Marcia shares her knowledge, her lifelong passion for the Field of Dreams, and her discovery of Precognitive dreams, which led to her immersion in dreams and the paranormal.

BIO: Author Dr. Marcia Emery Ph.D. is one of the country’s foremost authorities on the power of intuition to change our lives. Her passion is to help people transform life’s problems, struggles, and even tragedy into triumph in order to live fully and radiantly. Author of PowerHunch!, The Intuitive Healer: Accessing Your Inner Physician Intuition Workbook

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