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Out of the Box Healthcare & Dreams with Dr. Jeanette Gallagher11-19-19 Out of the Box Healthcare & Dreams with Dr. Jeanette Gallagher

Dr. Jeanette Gallagher has over forty years of wide-ranging healthcare experience. Part of Dr. Jeanette’s Out of the Box Healthcare approach involves Dreams, and during the show she shares a dream she recently had about having a bullet fired at her and being split in half.

Dr. J. is also a mother of four, and has taken advantage of her children’s health needs over the last thirty years to expand her knowledge of long term impacts of medical conditions, both common and rare, on the overall health of a person. As medicine and medical technology has advanced at an exponential rate over the course of her life, Dr. Gallagher has sought to expand her knowledge and understanding of the ever changing field by utilizing formal classroom education, lectures and symposiums, volunteer work and practical collaboration in clinical experiences. Her fields of study and experience are far reaching and reflect her interest in treating a person’s overall health as an interaction of all body systems and external influences, rather than simply dealing with symptoms of adverse health as they arise.

Dr. J is A Hurricane Katrina survivor, and has seen firsthand the devastating impacts of natural disasters and environmental impacts on human physical and psychological health. It has left her heartbroken by the suffering around her, and feeling somewhat helpless to fix her neighbors’ and family’s physical and mental anguish. “So, I have expanded my focus to include prevention of health disparities and community awareness and preparation for disasters, as well as recovery from disasters.”

Her interest in healthcare began as a child, watching and learning about traditional small-town healthcare in Northeastern Pennsylvania in the 1960’s, where local doctors still made house calls and to get rid of a throat infection you were given a shot of antibiotic and a bag of chips to sterilize and scrape your throat. Join us as we discuss the changes in health care concerning your children, family and yourself.

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