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Nathalia Gilek01-21-21 Global Healing Series: Emotions and Triggers, Orgazmik Healing

 Diane interviews Nathalia Gilek on this special global healing episode.  Diane shares strategies and insights to deal with overwhelming emotions and triggers.  These significant fluctuations are normal and occur during female menstrual cycles. Diane and Nathalia truly empower women to use their intuition to recognize emotional shifts and symptoms for conscious healing.  Diane reminds us to use awareness for self-care to release the stress to decrease the overwhelming symptoms. Learning your cycle in conjunction with moon phases simplifies the process of healing.  Diane covers several moon phases (new moon and waning moon). Diane and Nathalia emphasize the impact crystals and yoni herbs have on releasing trauma, self-limiting beliefs and emotions from the body.  Diane shares her insights on moon phases, symptoms and orgazmik healing in her Orgazmik Courses to support women’s health and bring sexy back to couples.  Nathalia shares her amazing insights on a variety of yoni eggs and wands to support the healing journey (Use promo code: orgazmik10 at yoni wonderland). Diane plays Truth or Dare and changes her wigs on this episode.  She Dare’s Frontline workers to comment on her you-tube video for a Free entrance into her course by writing a comment on her video. Check out Orgazmik Meditation and Orgazmik Release and type Orgazmik10 for a 10% discount.

IO: Nathalia Gilek, founded Yoni Wanderland with the intention to help conscious women get in touch with their sexual essence by deepening their connection to their yoni (sacred space) to heal emotional wounds and past traumas while also enhancing vitality, clarity and awakening to live an empowered life. Hand carved and polished from pure, GIA certified crystals, her line of intimate gemstones are a natural alternative tool for self-pleasure and exploration, safe to use it both internally and externally.

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