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Goddess Unleashed with Diane Vich02-06-20 Notice Your Emotions

Today’s episode is all about you.  Let’s tap into your own emotions with a little reflection and visualization.  Join me as we go through your senses to discover your feelings and dig a little deeper.  Let’s find the emotions and the sensations you experience in your body.  We use the 5-5-5 Breathe several times throughout this episode to relax the body and mind.  I discuss the hypnotic state that we experience every day as we drive to work, watch TV or sing a song.  And I guide you through 3 different events in your life using visualization, reflection and prompts to help you connect with your past.  Use this episode to help you create a sense of awareness in your body to empower you to take action and shift negative emotions, feelings, thoughts and beliefs as they occur. This episode includes a hypnosis/meditation to release self-doubt from the gut for better digestion. Diane helps you notice some little moments you may not have realized are impacting the way you feel today.  You are amazing and powerful.  You can use your own awareness to reduce stress in your body.

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