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Show 12-04-08  Nicki Garner…In 1999, inspired by an amazing dream of angels I took to canvas and began creating a series of angel paintings and allegorical paintings that spoke of manifesting positive results in life. I became actively involved in the Cape Cod holistic health community, painted hundreds of angels on commission and became the publisher of Synchronicity Magazine. After attending the Landmark Forum and Advanced Courses in January 2007 I began a series of Transformation of Human Consciousness paintings and in the spring I received five requests for Spirit paintings in one week after two and a half years. 2007 was spent improving my painting techniques on the steady flow of Angel/Spirit Guide commissions. In April of 2008 I opened The Angel Room in Mashpee to create The Angelic Light Project, guided by angelic visions. The Angel Room has a life of its own now…it is definitely the Angels’ room and has truly become a beautiful healing center.

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