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06-30-21 Mr. Destiny

Today, our movie is called Mr destiny. And this movie stars, Jim Baluchi is the main character. Some of you might remember from the early days of Saturday Night Live John Belushi, was his very famous comedic, brother. And who started with Dan Aykroyd, not only in Saturday Night Live with, you know Gilda Radner and Jane Curtin and some of the early original cast members but then he, did a movie, John did called The Blues Brothers, which was pretty funny. So, this movie goes after the theme of a wish that things could be different. The belief that if my life had turned out differently, it would have been better. So, basically the premise underneath this movie today is we have juxtaposed. egos plan of salvation. Opposite of the Holy Spirit’s plan of salvation. Very simply, the ego’s plan of salvation is if something in the world would change if something in the world we’re different, If something in the world were better, then I would be happy.

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