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Moving with God Pam CarlquistHow does one deal with the pain of divorce, with death, with poverty, with violence, with the everyday problems of life, she wondered. So, she asked… One early morning just nine months after she and her husband of 27 years had separated, Pam Carlquist inadvertently began a dialogue that would change her life forever. In a moment of desperation, she sat down with pen and paper and cried out to God for help. To her surprise, she received an answer, a response so comforting and so wise that she continued the correspondence for over a year, indeed forever more. The answers, though not what she had expected, launched her on a journey of healing and love. This is a book that explores the essence of loss and that poses questions we all have asked. How does one fill the holes that become an inevitable part of one’s life? How does one find joy in the midst of pain? How does one tap into the remarkable resource of the human spirit to rise above adversity, fear, even death– and triumph? The audience for this book includes all who question but, in particular, those involved in relationship breakups, those seeking peace in the throes of separation, those wishing to move at last past the pain… of divorce, death or any parting of lives once joined. Moving With God PAST THE PAIN of divorce, death or any parting of lives once joined is a memoir, self-help and spiritual book.

“I have read this book twice now and find it to be riveting, revealing, intimate and inspired. Some questions were those I have asked a God that I wasn’t sure existed, while the answers were more thoughtful than anything I have ever read.” -Dick Maben, entrepreneur

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