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12-01-21 The Dismantling of the Self-concept – Commentary by David Hoffmeister to the movie ‘Sweet November’

The movie ‘Sweet November’ is a relationship movie and David’s movie workshop commentary reflects that. He says: “Jesus uses the symbol of relationships and A Course in Miracles for healing. He tells us, your brother is the mirror in which you see the reflection of yourself as long as perception last. While you’re asleep and dreaming, your brother and your sister will always be a reflection of what’s in your mind. Your brother and your sister shows you the content of your consciousness. That is important. Because if you don’t want to be a victim, you have to start to become aware of the judgment or attack thoughts in your own mind. If you don’t want to feel at the mercy of an external world, you have to start to realize that everyone that you meet or even think of, is simply a pictorial representation of what you believe you are. So if you believe you’re human, then you will see everyone else as human as well. But you should feel gratitude towards your brother, because without your brother or sister the opportunity to realize the truth would be quite delayed. If you allow the Holy Spirit to use relationships, for forgiveness, which is to realize that there’s only one of us. That there’s only ever been one of us. Then to the extent that we believe in the other we need to forgive that perception.” 

Enjoy David’s commentary on the lovely and very beautifully movie “Sweet November.”

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