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11-29-23 The Opening Session from the November Monterrey Retreat with David Hoffmeister and Urpi Milla

After six years, David Hoffmeister returns to Monterrey, Mexico, to give a full-day retreat. This is the first morning session with Spanish Translation.

From David’s talk: When you begin to train your mind with the Holy Spirit, you begin to see the world more like a movie. You begin to see that the world is a projection of your inner state of mind. Thus, the lessons in the book ‘A Course in Miracles’ are designed to teach you that your inner world of thoughts and beliefs and what appears to be the outer world of perceptions are the same. You can choose peace in any circumstance, but it requires much dedication and devotion because of the ego’s temptations to see the world apart from your mind.

All the great mystics and saints, from Buddha to the Indian masters in the Far East and modern masters like Eckhart Tolle, say that you have to still your mind by emptying it of everything you think, you think, and you think, think you know.

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