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Milah's Magical AdventureMilah is a young girl with a big imagination and a love for learning. On the first day of summer, she discovers a globe, and with a small wish, the globe comes to life. Together, they go on a magical adventure. On their journey, Milah and “Orby” explore the seven continents! Milah learns facts about the environment, climate, population, landmarks, and wildlife unique to each of these large landmasses. Come on along for this fantastic, fun, and MAGICAL learning adventure!

Miesha Perry is the mother of one creative little girl who has a big imagination. She is a full-time social worker whose focus is on ensuring families have the tools to raise children in healthy, loving environments.

Miesha lives every day, being inspired and completing acts of service. She also volunteers as a youth cheer coach, and she adores her Lady Falcons.

Miesha knew that her love for children and her dedication to their development would bring her to write a children’s book one day. Inspired by her daughter and realizing the importance of creating something special for children to enjoy was essential to Miesha. Her book, Milah’s Magical Adventure: A Trip Around the Globe, brought to life her dream of leaving a legacy for the next generation.

The first in a series, this book shows children how using their imagination can make learning fun while teaching geography and fun facts about each of the world continents.

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