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Mickey Grossman, a Spiritual Reader08-07-20 Mickey Grossman, a Spiritual Reader

Mickey Grossman, has been a spiritual reader for over 35 years.  He has read more than 2,000 people, and has a huge following throughout the country.  He was voted “Best of Long Island” by the Bethpage Best of Long Island Program. His reviews call him “Amazing!”, “Comforting” and “a kind, caring man with such a gentle soul”.  Mickey has such a unique connection to the spirit world and uses it to help everyone he comes in contact with.  When you book a reading with Mickey, he is straight forward and talks not only about what’s going on with you in life, love and your career, but he talks about your health, what to look out for and your family.  He also does past-lives readings, which we will be experiencing today, and helps people find the source of their pain, as well as channel loved ones who have passed.

Mickey is an avid supporter of charities including St. Judes.

He is available for private readings, parties and phone or “in-person” virtual meetings.
You can connect with him on Facebook at Mickey Grossman Spiritual Reader or email him at

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