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Barbara Evans is an award winning, internationally renowned author, artist and spiritual thought leader, whose work underpins a new energy healing approach, The Eden Method:The Art of Raising Frequency. Barbara’s book, Messages of Universal Wisdom: A Journey of Connection Through the Heart, is a beautifully illustrated account of spiritual awakening and enlightenment. It tells the story behind a unique form of high vibrational art, the Image Keys, which are divinely channeled gifts for raising the consciousness of humanity and the planet. The Image Keys are energetically active tools, created through infinite love and divine wisdom; they interweave the multifaceted energies of Sacred Geometry, Crystals, Astrological Alignments, Angels, and Spirit Guides. Their purpose is to shine light upon our spiritual path by gently activating the wisdom we each hold within our heart. Reading this remarkable book offers far more than spiritual Wisdom; it provides an energy experience that promotes discovery of our true self and achievement of our full potential, while strengthening our connection to the deepest levels of global consciousness In summary, Messages of Universal Wisdom is a rich and inspiring companion for everyone’s spiritual journey of transformation.

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