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01-04-22 Mayhem to Miracles- HOPE

Do you believe in miracles? Kat Kanavos interviews Mayhem to Miracles: Sacred Stories of Transformational Hope authors Dr. Bonnie McLean, Rev. Ellen Lucas, and DV7 Show host Laura Rowley for the Mayhem to Miracles Book Launch. Do Miracles happen? These 3 authors say, “YES!”

Yes! Miracles are Real! And the book Mayhem to Miracles: Sacred Stories of Transformational Hope proves it. Grab your box of tissues and join us as we cry and laugh our way through the real-life stories of everyday miracles. Hope is the shining beacon that can change the course of illness, the future, love, and our lives. Miracles go hand-in-hand with hope. Experience modern-day miracles as Laura, Rev. Mary Ellen, and Dr. Bonnie move through the Mayhem of Animal communication, COVID, Christmas Seizures, and more.

Guest Bios:

Laura Rowley is an international animal communicator who holds private sessions addressing clients’ questions to pets. Her podcast, Animal Connections with Laura Rowley, explores the profound revelations of our shared lives with beloved pets on   Dreamvisions7Radio/TVNetwork,

Story Title: The Miracle of Finding Your Voice

Synopsis: As a professional animal communicator, Laura Rowley feels it’s a privilege helping animals and their people get back on track.

Quote: Listening to animals’ voices, I finally learned to trust my own.

Rev. Mary Ellen Lucas is an Interfaith / Interspiritual minister, author of the children’s books series Life on Little Puddle Pond, and a spiritual mentor and ceremony officiant.

Story Title:  A Christmas Gift Mantra

Synopsis: What begins as a horrible seizure during Christmas Mass become a blessing and gift in disguise with the simple words, “It’s okay.” 

Quote: I leaned toward the healing grace and the awareness that everything was okay.

Dr. Bonnie McLean O.M.D., A.P. is a Doctor of Oriental Medicine. With more than fifty years of experience in the healthcare field, she has been named Top Doctor of Oriental Medicine and Acupuncture and Top Holistic Healer of the Decade by I.A.O.T.P., and Top Practitioner of Alternative Medicine in Gulf Breeze, Fl.

Story Title: Covid Miracles

Synopsis– Bonnie contracted Covid, was admitted into the hospital, survived, and found the miracle of humanity in her experience.

Quote: Having Covid was a miserable experience….the most miserable experience in my life!  I don’t wish it on anyone! But the blessings that have come from COVID vastly outweigh the miseries.”

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