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Look for the Good Carrie Rowan09-05-22 The Power of Stories with Mary McManus

In Episode #3 Look for the Good, Carrie opens the show with a discussion about the power of stories…why we tell them and how we can get stuck in our own stories. We all know someone that tends to tell the same story over and over, right? It’s common because oftentimes we forget to reflect on the outcome of our stories –how the stories affect not only us, but everyone around us.  You will gain a better understanding of your own stories, types of stories and the gifts that are often born from our worst stories.  Carrie talks about the power of looking for the good in our seemingly bad story and how everyone loves to feel empowered by a good comeback story. She will talk about the birth of the “turnaround story” and how when you are in the middle of it, it’s sometimes hard to see the outcome of these life changing narratives.

Stay tuned for the second half of the show when she introduces special guest Mary McManus, a brilliant author, polio survivor, marathon runner and Mom who was told that she should start to prepare to spend the rest of her life in a  wheelchair. Imagine that? You won’t believe how she danced her way to one of the most incredible turnaround stories ever that will empower you to live your own life with more creativity, gratitude and passion.

You don’t want to miss this one!! Tune into Dreamvisions 7 Radio Network on Monday September 5th at 5am and 5pm to hear Look for the Good!

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