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08-07-23 Love Nature Magic Guest Maria Rodale, Author, LOVE NATURE MAGIC    

In her new book, Love Nature Magic: shamanic journeys into the heart of my garden, Maria Rodale shows how she came into relationship with the plants, animals and insects that inhabit her garden and helps readers come to understand nature’s consciousness, intelligence and high awareness. When people slow down, release control and start paying close attention to Nature, the magic starts to happen. This episode begins with the story of a magical experience with an intelligent and resilient butterfly, and then it leads into a conversation with Maria Rodale.

Bestselling author, activist and gardener Maria Rodale is a board member and former co-chair of the Rodale Institute, a nonprofit dedicated to growing the regenerative organic agriculture movement through research, farmer training and education. She is also the former CEO of Rodale Inc., the global health and wellness media company that has published many notable books and periodicals, including Organic Gardening, Men’s Health, Women’s Health and Prevention magazines.

Maria RodaleUnder the pen name of Mrs. Peanuckle, Rodale has written a delightful series of board books that celebrate the joy nature brings to young children. Each “Alphabet” book presents a different category of nature: birds, bugs, flowers, trees, fresh fruits, vegetables and more. From A to Z, the bold colorful pages will engage parents, enchant toddlers and inspire the youngest of budding environmentalists and curious scientists.

Throughout her life, Maria has advocated for the potential of organic regenerative farming to heal the damage wrought by pesticides and industrial agricultural practices and their toxic impacts on human and planetary health, including reversing climate change. The underlying theme of Maria’s work is this: If we stop interfering and allow Nature to do her thing, ultimately, she will heal herself and us.



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