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Look for the Good Carrie Rowan11-20-23 How to Jump from Stuck to Stellar with Lysa Miller

SHOW SUMMARY: In this transformative episode of ‘Look for the Good’, we dive into the art of breaking free from life’s standstills with Lysa Miller, the visionary founder of Ladybugz Interactive. Have you ever felt paralyzed by uncertainty, trapped in the limbo of indecision? You’re not alone. Lysa brings a refreshing perspective to this universal challenge.

Discover Lysa’s empowering philosophy: Action breeds clarity. Learn how taking even the smallest step can ignite a journey of progress and self-discovery. Lysa reveals how, through embracing her authenticity and shedding the weight of others’ expectations, she not only liberated herself but also catapulted her business to new heights.

Join us for an episode brimming with heartfelt stories and actionable insights. Whether you’re a budding entrepreneur or someone seeking personal growth, Lysa’s experiences offer a beacon of hope and inspiration. Don’t miss this chance to find out how you, too, can turn a moment of stagnation into a pathway to success and fulfillment.

Tune in to ‘Look for the Good’, where we unravel the blueprint to thriving in business and life with Lysa Miller. Let’s embark on this journey of becoming unstuck, together. Tune into Episode 42 on Monday November 20, 2023 at 5am and 5pm ET to hear all the insights for getting unstuck.

Lysa MillerBIO: Lysa Miller is the founder of Ladybugz Interactive in Hudson, MA, a digital agency specializing in startup and growing companies in biotech, non-profit and B2B.  She has made the cover of the Boston Business Journal’s Book of Lists, named Women-Owned Agencies to Watch out for by Agency Vista, recognized by Cloudways as a top-ten women-owned agency, and in 2023 named in the top 3 women-owned agencies the US by In just over two years Miller has built a digital agency with over 50 biotech, non-profit, and B2B clients. Miller is active in the local community as a board member of Fresh Start Furniture Bank and an elected corporator at Main Street Bank.

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