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01-05-18 Love is The Power~ A Conversation with Robert O. Williams

Our guest on this episode is Robert O. Williams former saxophonist for the Beach Boys and what can only be described as a consciousness explorer. He is also the author of a new book, Love is the Power. The question Robert asks himself, and us, is “What happens when we live all emotions, thoughts and body feelings – as love – as opposed to just searching for love?” His answer is that We are free to give to others without need or fear. That love is the power – and it is pure heart consciousness. In this passionate and heartwarming conversation Robert shares with us his unusually vivid memories of his unique childhood, an inspiring account of his talent and perseverance as a saxophone player, his introduction to Transcendental Meditation (TM), his magical time performing and recording with The Beach Boys, and the extraordinary journey through multiple near-death experiences and visits with other dimensions, where he discovered the art of living AS Love.

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