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Living in Quantum Love is about living the miracle that we already are and have never left. About understanding that we are already perfect and don’t require fixing. Living in Quantum Love will awaken your deep inner knowing while helping you realize that you are not merely a human being striving to have spiritual experiences but are in fact a spiritual being simply having a human experience. The direct experience of this truth will erase fear, hatred, unworthiness, guilt, judgment and separation.

Quantum Love is a metaphysical love, as it is the consciousness that we all share. Living in Quantum Love surpasses all worldly or personal love and will transform and free our relationship to our whole life as well as the world we live in. Each one of us is a perfect part of the same puzzle and each of us is deeply important, just as an actor is an integral part of a play, so to our role is in the “play of life.”

This show, “Living in Quantum Love” may challenge long held beliefs as it questions everything we’ve been taught about ourselves and life and re-arranges and replaces our misguided beliefs and wrong understandings with a new paradigm that may free you in ways you never expected or believed possible.

“The light of God is very bright and traveling towards it takes great courage.”

Broadcasts Weekly Thursday 4am & 4pmET~ Coming Back Soon!

Devrah’s Guest This Week

Thursday 4am & 4pmET

4 Ways to Navigate Through the Dark Night of the Soul

Co-Host Bio: JP Kovacs C.P.T. He was my guest last show where we spoke about the amazing benefits of Pulsed Electro Magnetic Fields and its effects on our overall health and wellness.

JP lives in Canada and has, for over 36 years, been a seeker of Truth and a spiritual student of many paths that gave him yet another piece to the puzzle of life and our purpose here. Currently he is practicing the mystical path of the inner light

and sound of the Divine. JP is a facilitator of various health and wellness disciplines since the mid-eighties. He is a Certified Health Technician with Swiss Bionic Solutions now for nearly 10 years, which uses Pulsed Electro Magnetic Frequencies or PEMF that can aid our bodies to optimize energy potentials thereby increasing our overall wellbeing. JP was an accomplished athlete and coach and has a thriving practice as a Certified Polarity Therapist. He also has been actively educating and promoting the profound health benefits from Pulsed Electro Magnetic Fields, better known as the iMRS system.

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1/ Accept Your Suffering
2/ To See the Truth, We Must First See The Lie.
3/ Identify With Your Greatness Rather Than Your Limitations
4/ Quantum Love

More.. on the Four Ways

grace has never left us nor have we abandoned it. For we are it, we are carried on it, and this grace, this love, lives within you as you. And just as the nightmare of guilt hides deep within us, so too does the solution, but the solution is true and real, innocent and pure and it has never judged us or held us in the darkness of guilt.
This love, this grace waits patiently for us to return to our true home. Our blindness shall be removed, and we shall see that all this was really just a dream. We will finally “See” that we have always been deeply loved beyond anything of the world. Our sins are forgiven and seen as mere shadows in a dream. Our Quantum Guilt turns to Quantum Love, which is a metaphysical love, an infinite love, it’s the consciousness that we all share.

Quantum love surpasses all worldly love and erases the perception of guilt and sin and elevates our whole world to a higher frequency allowing us to make a quantum leap to freedom and release our belief in guilt and sin thereby returning us to perfect peace.


I wanted to reach out on a more personal note to share with you some projects I am truly passionate about; including a new book, a radio show and a new film!

More about the film:
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Thank you for taking the time to pause and read this invitation.

Blessings and Love,
Devrah Laval




devrahlavalBIO: Devrah Laval has worked with both individuals and groups for over thirty years since her initial enlightenment experience and miraculous healing which followed.

She brings tremendous compassion, non-judgement and laser-like clarity. Devrah has assisted clients to discover their own truth within any given situation and thereby empowers them to open to their own inner strength and knowing so that great strides can be made in a relatively short period of time. Her focus and depth of experience naturally penetrates one’s conditioning and limiting beliefs so that one can experience for themselves, the truth of who they truly are, learn to become established in it and to then live from that place.

Devrah does not use concepts but instead focuses on being open to the creative power of discovery that is unique in every moment and available to each and every one of us. She also sees her clients as perfect already, and instead addresses the mind and the need to learn how to befriend and tame it so that it no longer unconsciously creates havoc, confusion and disturbances in one’s life. And for situations that are beyond one’s control, Devrah guides and teaches how to live from the highest place of truth so that transformation can occur and one can then live in a state of Grace, moment to moment.

Sessions are by phone (with an email follow-up) and can be arranged by sending Devrah an email to:

Contact JP for more info on Pulsed Electro Magnetic Frequencies