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Life After Life: The Long Road Home02-18-20 Life After Life: The Long Road Home

Our world is experiencing catastrophic shifts on physical and emotional levels. Change, especially death, is frightening. Death can manifest itself in dreams as past lives. Yet, change is the natural process of life. Without change, there is no future. Out of our chaos comes clarity for a new order of life. When the world is in the troughs of change, its chaos may reflect on us. Our psyche may suffer, and our spiritual beliefs challenged as our bodies cry out in pain because we are inter-connected with our Universe through Universal Oneness. Watch as we discuss how to move beyond the pain and grief of Life After Life. Yes, it is a long road home.


Altair Shyam- teacher, healer, mystic who guides the way of love, unity, and harmony for the New Gaia. He holds degrees and certifications and has written 9 books. He wants to share his experiences with you of being immersed in Divine Mother’s Love with the intention of inspiring you in the same way as you inspire me in the practice of lifting the soul from body consciousness to Source-consciousness.  “In so many of our communities we have people who inspire us with their practice, and they all offer us something unique, a glimpse of the infinite.”

Sor’a GarrettSor’a Garrett- is a life-simplification guide and philanthropreneur who helps people move from overwhelm to overflow. “I’ve called myself a lot of things over the years, but this one stays true. I see the GOOD in people, and in the world, and I shine light on what I see by writing about it. This is my passion, and I do it naturally. You have everything you need inside of you. Let me help you clear some of the clutter from your life so you can find it.”  Find her books, courses, inspiration and more @

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