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01-28-20 Life After Life: Is Death The End?

Where do we go when we die? Sooner or later, everyone eventually asks questions about end-of-life. What happens to me when my physical body dies? Where did my loved-one REALLY go? Is there an afterlife or is it just a Fairy Tale? If ther is life-after-life, where do I go? Do my loved ones meet me? Will they usher me to the next plane of existence? Our guests share stories and answer these important questions concerning Life, Death and Life-After-Life.


Karen Mayfield, Msc…CCC: Karen is a CTA certified coach, Metaphysical Minister, creator of the Positivity Factor Life Success Plan. She is also co-creator, author, and publisher in the best-selling Wake Up Women and Conversations that Make a Difference book series. Karen is co-creator of Wake up Women, which ultimately allows people the experience of Peace of Mind as a state of mind. Utilizing the Laws of Attraction in thought, clarity, and action, Karen now lives a life she loves. Being a mom, grandmother, friend, and member in a family of entrepreneurial women is the inspiration behind Karen’s purpose. “When you wake up a woman, she will wake up the world around her.” Life experiences have provided Karen with the wisdom needed to assist others in living a life they love. Learn more here:

Gina RodaGina Roda- is a contributing author to Chaos to Clarity: Sacred Stories of Transformational Change, Spiritual Advisor/Numerologist/ Life Coach and host of WOW! Wealth Of Wellness Show on Dreamvisions 7 Radio Network. Gina brings her audience ways of tapping into a conscious, healthy, vital and inspired lifestyle. Her approach is Mind Body and Spirit for abtaining wellness, wholeness and oneness.

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